Jeff Reitz is an illustrator with an extensive expertise in game art, Illustration, graphic art and web design. He is exhilarated by conjuring up exceedingly imaginative ideas and propelling them onto both traditional and digital design format. He has produced a vast number of extraordinary illustrations for some of the most prominent names in the game industry.

Client List

  • Wizards Of The Coast
  • Iron Crown Enterprises
  • West End Games
  • Alderac Entertainmet
  • Eden Studios
  • Virtual Tales
  • New Millennium Entertainment
  • Third World Games
  • Z-Man Games
  • Peregrine Entertainment
  • Del Rey Studios
  • Optimus Design Systems
  • NVE Pharmaceuticals Inc

Illustration Work

  • West End Games (Star Wars, The Far Orbit Project)
  • New Millennium Entertainment (Battlelords)
  • Eden Studios (Terra Primate)
  • Optimus Design Systems (Blood Dawn, The Prophecy)
  • Iron Crown Enterprises (Middle Earth: The Wizards)
  • Alderac Entertainment (7th Sea)
  • Z-Man Games (Shadowfist)
  • Wizards Of The Coast (Legend of the Five Rings)
  • Wizards Of The Coast (Weatherlight)
  • Peregrine Entertainment Books of Lore The Abyss
  • Third World Games (Firestorm)
  • NVE Pharmaceuticals Inc (Stacker 4)

Video Game Work

  • League of Legends (Riot Games)

Website Design